Real Estate Auction Services in Ohio

Dimmerling Realty and Auctioneers is recognized in the community for honesty and integrity, saving sellers millions of dollars. Dimmerling Realty and Auctioneers is willing to work hand-in-hand with other real estate professionals. We provide complete real estate services, appraisals, private treaty, chattel and real estate auctions, both public and absolute. Dimmerling Realty and Auctioneers has assured the peace of mind of sellers and buyers since 1998.

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When you hire Dimmerling Realty and Auctioneers you get a comprehensive promotion package including newspapers advertisements, flyers, signs, mailings and multiple websites.

Why Sell with Dimmerling Realty & Auctioneers?

When you hire Dimmerling Realty and Auctioneers the first thing we will do is take a personal property inventory . One week before the sale you get selective showings to qualified, prospective buyers. One day before the sale you get a well thought out and appealing set up including cleanup and chattel organization down to the smallest detail.

Our Company Philosophy

Dimmerling Realty and Auctioneers continually strives to be a trusted, innovative and enterprising organization whose growth will be accomplished through the highest degree of customer and employee satisfaction.

Contact us to learn more about our real estate auction services. We are based in Louisville, but we perform real estate sales for clients throughout Ohio.